Manufacturer: LANG
Product code: ACEY026B



The Lang Stereo Test is an easy-to-use screening-test designed for early detection of problems with sterescopic vision in children.


Two versions of the test plates are available, which feature different 3D objects to be recognised by the patient.


Lang Stereo Test I displays a star, a cat and a car, while Lang Stereo Test II displays a moon, a truck and an elephant, each of them appearing on a different level.


In addition, the Lang Stereo Test II contains a star that can be seen with only one eye.

In contrast to the more traditional methods for examination of stereopsis, this test requires no glasses and the eye movements of the patient can be much better observed by the examiner. Observing the patients eye-movement during testing has been noticed to be of particular importance in young children: once the child has recognised the different stereoscopic figures that are shown on the test-plate, he subsequently will start to look repeatedly at these figures.