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Manufacturer: SONKSEN
Product code: ACEY038

The Sonksen logMAR Test (SLT) is a new visual acuity test which has been carefully researched with 3000 two to nine year olds. It was developed by a team of experts from the Institute of Child Health, University College London.


A unique feature of the test is that it is published with centile charts of acuity (similar to those used for growth) from 2 years 9 months to 7 years 9 months – a period of very rapid changes in acuity.

This test adheres closely to the adult standard, facilitating follow-up into adulthood centile charts of age norms allow detection of the 5% or 10% with the worst acuity for age. Centile charts allow accurate monitoring of clinical change and response to treatment.

This is a complete testing kit including: 

  • Booklet A: Training booklet

  • Booklet B: Single Letter Display booklet

  • Booklets C & D: Linear Display booklets 

  • 2 x Near Test Charts

  • Keycard

  • 2 x pairs of occlusion glasses

  • Fine tip pointer

  • Reference chart