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Manufacturer: NOVAERUS
Product code: AHNV200/ AHNV800

Patented, non-chemical, ultra-low energy plasma technology, powerful enough to eradicate pathogens on contact, yet gentle enough to use around even the most vulnerable.


Clean air, all day every day

Plug and play


No filters or consumables – no ongoing costs


Medical grade plasma technology with proven clinical benefits


Mobile and quiet - can be fixed to the wall or placed on a piece of furniture and plugs into any electrical outlet using less power than a light bulb


Does not emit bright light or harmful by-products


2-year warranty

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* tested using the Protect 800 on MS2 Bacteriophage, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2. The above reduction rates are based on tests carried out using the Novaerus Protect 800 system


Andrea Concannon, Optometrist & Owner of Andrea Concannon Opticians, Galway

We initially installed Novaerus Air Dis-Infection devices to ensure we were protecting our breathable air and providing as safe an environment as possible for our staff and clients.


Novaerus has provided us with much more than dis-infected, clean air and has blown us away in terms of its performance. Our absenteeism rate is down by 60% (any days missed were not respiratory related) and any staff members with asthma have seen improvements in their symptoms.


Our air is also fresher and cleaner. I cannot recommend Novaerus Air Dis-infection for any business highly enough.


The first line of protection against airborne viruses and bacteria

NanoStrike is the core, patented technology that powers all Novaerus portable air disinfection devices. Developed by the Novaerus team of scientists and engineers, NanoStrike utilises an atmospheric plasma discharge — the same type of discharge found in lightning strikes — to kill and deactivate harmful airborne microorganisms.

This plasma-based nanotechnology inactivates all airborne microorganisms on contact providing the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria.
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Protect 200


Designed to continuously disinfect air in small spaces, the Protect 200 has a patented decontamination system based on very low energy plasma combined with a single fan speed.

Mobile and quiet, the Protect 200 can be fixed to a wall or placed on a piece of furniture and plugs into any electrical outlet using less power than a light bulb.



Protect 200 has been designed to be placed as close as possible to the patient or healthcare professional and does not emit bright light or harmful by-products.
Mobile and quiet, this equipment can be wall mounted or placed on a stand and plugs into any electrical outlet.

Protect 800


Designed to continuously disinfect the air in small or medium spaces, Protect 800 is equipped with NanoStrike, a patented decontamination system based on a very low energy plasma with two fan speeds.

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How does


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The fastest kill / deactivation time of any technology - destroying pathogens in the sub-second timeframe

Bursting of the pathogen cell, ensuring no self-healing, in which the DNA or protein is repaired

Inability of the pathogen to develop Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) to NanoStrike

Complete destruction of the DNA and protein of a pathogen ensuring it cannot infect a person or reproduce

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