Manufacturer: REXXAM
Product code: AUSRK9003D





The next generation Auto Ref Keratometer


Full auto / manual-hybrid alignment

Ergonomic design and highly accurate 3D auto-alignment allowing a faster operating speed


7.5 inch TFT monitor

Larger and clearer monitor with icon display menu - for easier operation and settings adjustment


Tilt screen

Tilt screen function that allows wide variance of access whether the operator is sitting or standing


Joystick and jog-dial

Modified joystick and jog-dial that allows the operator to control the unit with better, more precise and instinctive movement


Auto standby and automatic 3D alignment function

Auto standby mode when turned on, auto alignment function enables even inexperienced users to take the measurement in an instant


L/R auto movement

After measurement is taken for one eye, ACCUREF-K 9003D will automatically shift over to begin measurement for the other eye


Auto printer with built-in cutter

When the examination is complete, the readings are automatically printed. The built-in cutter will operate automatically to easily pull out the paper.


Compact and silent

Extremely compact designing and incredibly quiet movement sound (less than 40 db).


Motorised chin rest

Operator can easily adjust the chin rest with the switch located on the operator side, enabling speedy reading


Adult/ child mode

For consecutive examination in groups, ACCUREF-K 9003D has a feature to change adult/ child mode to adjust the pupil distance