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Grading vertical cup-to-disc ratio using the Smartphone based D-EYE Retinal Imaging System in compar

Visual loss from Glaucoma is caused by gradual deterioration of the optic nerve leading to the progressive loss of the field of vision. Millions of people around the globe suffer from Glaucoma and go blind. It is also the leading cause for preventable blindness. Most people who go blind have no reason to believe they are going blind until the later stages of the disease. Often, we here from senior adults; "I just thought I was getting old and my eyesight was failing". Unlike most eye diseases, most types of Glaucoma are chronic lifelong disorders that can be managed if diagnosed and treated in early progressive stages of the disease. What is lacking is a regimented foundation for continuous

Grafton Optical announce enhanced paediatric retinal examination results for new born infants and yo

Exclusively available in the UK through Grafton Optical, the innovative D-EYE™ Portable Eye and Retinal Imaging System easily attaches to your smartphone, creating an ophthalmic camera for vision care screening and evaluation. “ImageSelect™ creates the ability for the examiner to select specific frames from 30 second recorded videos and save as individual images to the patient record, enhancing the D-EYE retinal screening for newborn and young children and bringing tremendous improvement to a serious patient examination protocol”, stated Alberto Scarpa, CEO of D-EYE. • Convert high definition videos of the retina into single images • Edit, store and immediately share with other specialists f
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