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NEXY: New clinical study confirms the advantages of automated fundus photography in telemedicine and

Exclusively available in the UK through Grafton Optical, Nexy is an automated non-mydriatic retinal camera, capable of delivering high definition colour images of the ocular fundus with a 45° angle of view; automatically and in less than 15 seconds. Nexy offers distinct advantages in clinical practice, as well as in remote screening applications. Nexy has huge potential in telemedicine applications and can easily be integrated into any patient health system such as an electronic medical record system. Dr Alberto di Bari notes in his study, "In my opinion, Nexy’s simplicity of use and automatic image acquisition result in better use in routine and preliminary eye examinations than other ca

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Frey AP-50 Desktop Auto Perimeter. Compact, powerful an

Are you looking to update your current DICON or other visual fields equipment? The Frey AP-50 Desktop Auto Perimeter is extremely compact making it perfect for pre-screen areas that are low on space. The device features a wide selection of visual fields assessments, including the European Driving Test Examination. Available at £3,995*. Click here to place your order, arrange a demonstration or request more information. Small device size with extensive features​ - the elliptically shaped measurement bowl significantly reduces the size of the AP-50, yet the diagnostic value is comparable to a full field perimeter Compact and lightweight design​ - weighing only 9kg, the AP-50 is an ideal des
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