Manufacturer: GRAFTON
Product code: CH2500






Powerful, precise, automated


Simple controls, powerful results

  • Recline with ease thanks to the precision engineered motorized auto recline system

  • Extend from seated to flat, and any position in between

  • Simply press the membrane switch on either side of the chair to recline, return or stop

  • Memory button

  • Child lock safety locks all buttons

Silent & smooth

  • Enjoy smooth, virtually silent lifting with the Swiss made KleenTech® lift system

  • Holds up to 560lbs (254kg)

  • Seat raises to 33.30” (83.3cm) and lowers to 21.50” (54.6cm)

Flexibility & comfort

  • Customise position for optimal treatment with individually retractable armrests

  • Upholstered for maximum comfort

  • Solid construction  supports ingress and egress

Durable support

  • Enjoy safe and easy ingress and egress with the large, broad and stable footrest

  • Delivers sturdy support and retracts conveniently when not needed