Manufacturer: NOVYMED
Product code: CHCLASSIC






The Dynamic Operating Chair concept - offering stability, mobility and agility for eye surgery operations

The DOC Classic Surgical Chair offers many advantages: it allows pre-op preparation, treatment and or surgery together with recovery all in one location.


There is no need to transfer the patient from his or her location, minimising the risk of infection or complications.


The patient stays in the DOC during the whole procedure from admission, surgery to recovery.

  • Before and after surgery there is no need to use an additional bed or stretcher, this saves time and capital investment

  • Transfer of the patient from a stretcher to the operating table becomes irrelevant

  • Research shows that efficiency will increase significantly by 40-50% when using multiple DOC operating chairs


The DOC classic is equipped with essential safety features.

Mobility - the special wheels with electro mechanic brakes can be unlocked manually on site. This allows you to move the chair from its position at any time.

Emergency safety – the easy safety power cut off ensures maximum safety during surgery. The DOC cannot be moved whilst in use.

Safety locking - the connector plug of the charging unit is equipped with a safety locking mechanism.

Hygiene - the hand control is fully sealed and reduces the risk of infection.