Manufacturer: GRAFTON
Product code: CO2500

Optimise space and functionality

The Grafton Optical Smart Combi Units offer affordable, space-saving chair and stand solutions with advanced engineering and comfort.

Save space and money with the Grafton Smart Combi Units, featuring superior examination chairs combined with precisely engineered instrument arms.

The small 44.8” (113.7cm) footprint provides efficient functionality and optimal patient comfort.

Slit Lamp Arm

  • Add a superior achievement in engineering to your practice with this fully counterbalanced arm featuring full function and range

  • Convenient lock/release mechanism at your fingertips

  • Easily accommodate all patients, including those in wheelchairs, with 13.5” (34.2cm) range of travel and counter balance up to 60lbs (27.2kg)

  • Choose from right-handed or left- handed up/down switch configuration with reversible arm positioning


Halogen Overhead Light

  • Combine form and function with the modern design of this long-lasting halogen lamp

  • Use bright, direct light for general lighting or minor procedures

  • Rely on durable metal lamp arm construction for stable, one-handed movements

  • Safe, low-voltage (12V) overhead lamp


Upper Arm (Refractor)

  • Support natural and comfortable hand movements with the lock/ release lever

  • Engage a single lock mechanism in all three dimensions (forward/ backward/vertical)

  • Enjoy precise and effortless positioning with the 12.5” (31.75cm) vertical range and counter balance up to 20lbs (9.1kg)


Console features

  • Three rechargeable wells for hand instruments

  • Up/down and auto return for chair

  • BIO power source with rheostat

  • Overhead light control with rheostat

  • Main power on/off switching


  • Enjoy smooth, virtually silent lifting with the S4OPTIK 1000-CH Examination Chair, featuring the Swiss-made KleenTech® lift system

  • Offer comfort and flexibility with upholstered, individually retractable armrests

  • Rely on solid construction for fully-supported ingress and egress

  • Capacity up to 560lbs (254kg)

  • Chair seat raises to 31.3” (79.5cm) and lowers to 19.5” (49.5cm)



2000-CB Cradle tilt

  • Never miss a beat with effortless cradle tilt recline and perfect counterbalance thanks to the cradle track system

  • Convenient patient positioning with the one-handed release and control mechanism, accessible on both sides of the chair

  • Lift with ease using the strong, yet silent power lift system with sensible height control locations

  • Improved headrest design, intelligent rotation lock, robust footrest and functional armrests



2500-CB Motorised recline

  • Recline with ease thanks to the precision engineered motorized auto recline system

  • Extend from seated to supine, and any position in between

  • Simply press the membrane switch on either side of the chair to recline, return or stop

  • Lift with ease using the strong, yet silent power lift system with sensible height control locations

  • Improved headrest design, intelligent