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Manufacturer: FRASTEMA
Product code: CO65AG

The 65AG Excellence Combi Unit provides a unique solution to the space vs functionality challenge, all at an affordable price. A small footprint provides total functionality in instrument delivery and patient comfort.

  • The table top is designed primarily for any model slit lamp in the first examination position with another instrument of choice in the second position.

  • Sliding surface seamlessly transitions patient from one instrument to another

  • Converts to writing space without a second instrument

  • Safety switch plate automatically stops elevation of the chair when touched by a patient’s legs.

  • Accommodates left-handed examination rooms (please indicate when ordering)

  • Overhead lamp with energy efficient LED light for energy efficiency and safety

  • 2 rechargeable instrument wells

  • Ultra-resilient, long-lasting membrane switches that control chair functions

  • Motorised height adjustment for instrument table and phoropter bracket for patients requiring additional accessibility

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