Manufacturer: MEDINSTRUS
Product code: COALPHA




The Alpha Master Combi Unit features a motorised lifting table top for two instruments. The table height is adjustable from 70cm to 97cm and the magnetic table locks at any position from zero to 90°.

  • Adjustable height chair

  • Column with two integrated halogen lamps and plate for chart projector

  • Integrated 2 drawer cabinet with soft touch closing mechanism

  • Integrated transformer for instrument power supply

  • Adjustable chin rest support plate


Optional extras:

  • Removable chair for wheelchair access

  • Phoroptor arm

  • Fixed or tip up arm rests

  • Fixed or tip up foot rest

  • Chair with reclining back and head rest

  • Manual or motorised forward/back chair control

  • Overhead LED lamp

  • Foot switch for up/ down control of chair

  • Installed data cables (Fire Wire, USB etc.)

  • Left handed version