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Beta Unit with Beta chair

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Beta Unit is available with Elite, Delta or Smile chairs

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Beta Unit with Smile chair

Manufacturer: Medinstrus
Product code: COBETA/ COBETAS

The Beta Master refraction unit features a sliding table top for two instruments and a column with overhead lamp and support for chart projector. The unit has an integrated adjustable power transformer for slit lamp/ophthalmometer, 230V socket for additional instrument and a chin rest adaptor. The unit table top is made using laminated wood. The standardised unit features: 

  • Elevating chair and table top

  • Available with the Beta chair or Smile chair, both with reclining back and back/ forwards slide function

  • Liftboy Assistant automatic chin rest height correcting system

  • Console finished in glossy HPL material

  • Flip up footrest 

  • Flip up armrests 

  • Overhead light


We keep a stock of the above standardised units featuring the Beta chair or the Smile chair. The unit can be customised as per the below chart, as a special order. Please speak to your representative for more information and pricing. 

For wood colour options please use the below links:

Laminated wood chipboards

Melamine faced chipboards

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