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Product code: DEABMAX

Advanced eyelid margin cleaning for anterior blepharitis. The AB Max™ utilises two on-board computers and proprietary tips specifically designed to provide the most advanced Distal-Ciliary Cleansing System (DCS) available on the market.


The AB Max™ provides the same forward and reverse functionality that you expect PLUS, an additional patented PULSE mode specifically engineered to remove even the most tenacious plaque and debris.

AB Max™ is an advanced 5-8 minute deep cleansing treatment to remove bacteria, crust and debris from the anterior eyelid margin and eyelashes. Specifically engineered to remove even the worst crust and debris while massaging the anterior eyelid margins, this provides better patient outcomes and a more comfortable treatment experience.

The AB Max™ not only provides you with the most advanced treatment for Anterior Blepharitis, it also adds to your profit margin and provides a great return on investment. Treatments are usually repeated at regular intervals, depending on the severity of the case.

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Feel the power of the PULSE with AB Max™ 

How to use AB MAX™


To use, simply remove the AB Max™ handset from the charging base, open a new procedure pack and attach one of the two AB Max™ Tips.


Fill the reservoir on the charging base with your liquid lid scrub solution and soak the AB Max™ Tip for 10-15 seconds. 

Press the power button on the handset once for forward mode, again for reverse mode, and a third time for pulse mode. Clean the upper or lower outer lid margin for 20-30 seconds using each mode. Remove the AB Max™ Tip and attach a new one to treat the second eye.  

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