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Manufacturer: SBM SISTEMI
Product code: DEMGD

The MGD Meibomian Gland Analyser allows quick and detailed analysis of the Meibomian glands in order to identify and evaluate working and non-working areas

MGD detects the length and width of meibomian glands and images them using infrared meibography. The images are then automatically classified allowing evaluation of the glands.

The five-level grading scale allows for clinical monitoring of changes to the ocular tissues. The scales are used to evaluate the gravity of a wide range of conditions, included those associated with contact lenses use.

The device is also able to recognise and detect areas of non-functioning meibomian glands. The software uses images taken by the device, asking the user which area they want to analyse and then detecting the glands.

The MGD can be used as a portable device or as a fixed instrument in your clinic.

Meiboscopy is the visualisation of the glands through trans-illumination of the eyelid with infrared light. The MGD software allows the user to analyse working and not working areas, and to compare the glands of the patient with diagnostic evaluation scales.


  • Position is detected from the image for both the upper and lower eyelids

  • Percentage loss area of meibomian glands is given to determine the presence/ absence of working glands

  • Grading scale to classify the status in 4 different degrees (0-25% green, 25-50% yellow, 50-75% orange and 75-100% red)

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