Manufacturer: SBM SISTEMI
Product code: DETEARS

The Tearscope Tear Film Analyser allows quick and detailed structural tear composition analysis. With Tearscope, it is possible to study in detail a patient’s lipid, aqueous and mucin layers and to identify the type of Dry Eye Disease present

Aqueous layer analysis

Measure the aqueous layer with the tear meniscus examination which allows non-invasive and direct evaluation of the water quantity.


Lipid layer analysis

Dry Eye is most commonly caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). It is therefore necessary to evaluate quantity and quality of the lipid layer produced by these glands.

ICP Tearscope can perform an interferometry exam and compare the patient’s condition with international grading scales.


Tear film stability

The non-invasive break up time (NIBUT) test allows the user to check the stability of the tear film with a video recording. BUT test also available with the use of fluorescein.

  • Immediate interpretation and follow up

  • Comes with a kit of useful grids to perform a variety of different screenings

  • All filters are pre-set in the system software, including tests to evaluate and diagnose dry eye and recommend artificial tears

  • Obtain the thickness of lipid layer and classify it into one of 7 different categories, quickly and precisely

  • Measurement of BLACK LINE (MLMI)

  • Evaluation of cornea integrity for presence of corneal scars and bruises

  • DICOM compatible

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