Manufacturer: DGH
Product code: DSDGH6000





The DGH 6000 combines the accuracy of DGH’s proven A-Scan pattern recognition program with the processing power, data storage and connectivity advantages of a personal computer.

The intuitive software allows the user to quickly enter patient data, take biometry measurements, perform IOL calculations, and create reports.

DGH’s proven measurement algorithm yields accurate, reproducible measurements of axial length, anterior chamber depth, and lens thickness in a fraction of a second. Audible feedback assists the user to achieve proper probe alignment. The software automatically acquires and ranks measurements based on the quality of the waveform. For challenging eyes, the software allows the user to review the recorded waveforms and manually perform measurements.


The DGH 6000 offers the flexibility of performing measurements using water immersion or direct contact techniques. Exclusive to DGH A-Scans, the adjustable compression sensitivity setting helps reduce the likelihood of corneal compression when performing direct contact measurements.

The DGH 6000 Scanmate software allows the user to create customised, professional reports with a single click. Reports can be saved to the database, exported to an EMR/EHR system or sent directly to a networked printer.

Patient Data can be stored on a local computer or in a centralised network location where it can be accessed by multiple users. Patient records are fully searchable and can be exported in a format that is compatible with EMR/EHR systems.

The IOL Calculator is easy to use and includes modern formulas, including SRK®/T, Hoffer® Q, Holladay 1, and Haigis. Each doctor can configure three (3) preferred IOLs and formulas for fast and accurate calculations. Lens constants can be optimised automatically based on Post-Operative results. The included Post Refractive Calculator assists the doctor in estimating the true corneal power for patients that have undergone refractive surgery.

The compact size of the DGH 6000 uses minimal desktop space when connected to a laptop or tablet. The DGH 6000 includes a probe mount, cord wrap, and custom carrying case for safe handling and portability.

The DGH Scanmate software can be used to operate both A-scan and B-scan devices. This allows the user to enter patient information one time and quickly switch between measurement modes. The software also stores patient records, videos and measurement files in a single location.

Each DGH 6000 Scanmate A includes a USB interface module, 10 MHz focused probe with fixation LED, Prager immersion shell with kit, calibration test block, software installation media, installation and quick start guide, and custom carrying case.

Measurement range
• AXL 15.0 mm to 40.0 mm
• ACD 2.0 mm to 6.0 mm
• LT 2.0 mm to 7.5 mm

Measurement accuracy
• Repeatability: ± 0.03mm STDEV (Immersion)
• Resolution: 0.01mm

Measurement modes
• Immersion/ contact

• Length 55.7 mm x diameter 6.6 mm
• Frequency 10.0 MHz (nominal)
• Focused acoustic beam (23.0 mm nominal)


Eye types
• Aphakic
• Normal
• Cataract
• Dense cataract
• Pseudophakic (silicone)
• Pseudophakic (PMMA)
• Pseudophakic (acrylic)
• Normal/ silicone oil vitreous

• Audible feedback for probe alignment
• Corneal compression detection
• Fully configurable velocities
• Save video or individual A-scan waveforms
• Automatic and manual measurement modes
• Customisable – each operator can configure preferred A-scan settings