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Manufacturer: DGH Technologies
Product code: DSDGH6000

Innovative, unique,
ultra-portable A-Scan

The innovative DGH 6000 A-Scan (Scanmate A) offers clinicians an unmatched level of usability and accuracy. Unique measurement guidance features assist in achieving optimal measurement values. These features allow the user to focus on application technique while the device’s software performs real-time waveform analysis and provides immediate feedback to the user.

The DGH Software supports multiple IOL formulas, including post-refractive formulas. A-Scan measurements can be taken via direct corneal contact or via water immersion method (Prager Shell® included).

Innovative in more ways than one...

A unique grading algorithm automatically ranks the probe’s alignment along the axis of measurement. Alignment ranking is immediate, with each qualified measurement assigned a 1-star, 2-star or 3-star rank (3-star representing best alignment). Aided by the audible feedback, the user can adjust the probe’s contact angle during a procedure, correcting misalignments and thereby optimizing measurement.


Unique compression lockout feature for use during contact measurements. When enabled, compression lockout will stop the system from measuring waveforms which show indications of corneal compression. Audible tones are provided to guide the user in adjusting contact pressure and aid in alleviating flattening of the cornea. The compression sensitivity level is adjustable to aid in obtaining contact measurements with minimum compression.

Operate in either contact or immersion mode. Immersion mode eliminates corneal compression by allowing measurements in a water bath. The probe releases ultrasonic pulses into water (rather than directly to the eye). The pulses propagate through the water and into the tissue. This method of measurement eliminates potential deformation of the cornea’s geometry caused by direct contact from a probe.

A-Scan Hero 2.JPG
A-Scan Hero 3.JPG

The Scanmate software performs IOL calculations using modern predictive models, allowing the clinician to explore various treatment plans simultaneously.

The Scanmate software is offered as an unrestricted license, meaning it can be installed on multiple workstations to operate independently or as a networked system. Patient records are stored in a database that is easily searchable and can be backed-up using an in-program backup tool.

The Scanmate software offers a variety of report templates that summarise critical information. All reports are print and PDF-export ready. IOL Reports present comparative calculations for the selected lenses. Axial Length Progression Reports chart axial length changes over time.

Flexible software

The Scanmate Software combines the most advanced ultrasound technology available with the processing power, data storage and connectivity advantages of a personal computer. The DGH A-Scan software is capable of delivering customized Axial Length progression reports for your myopia management patients.


Patient records are fully searchable and can be exported in a format that is compatible with EMR/EHR systems. The Scanmate software is designed to work on a Windows® computer. The DGH 6000 Scanmate A plugs into the USB 2.0 port of a Windows® computer that you may already have in your office or clinic*.

* See Specifications for minimum computer requirements.




Patient Data


Populate the necessary fields and you are ready to acquire measurements



Acquire images


Click on A-Scan modality icon, and start acquiring A-Scan data aided with audible feedback



IOL Calculation


Click on the IOL icon, enter the required data and the software will perform the calculation





The Scanmate Software offers a variety of report templates that summarize critical information and are print and .PDF ready.

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