Manufacturer: MEDOP
Product code: EY104





The RK-80 auto ref-keratometer is professionally engineered to deliver reliable and high-precision performance, offering excellent value for money. The RK-80's improved technology ensures that  measurements are accurate and stable. It comes with a robust housing for a long service life.

  • Corneal diameter and base curve of the contact lens measurements available 

  • PD and pupil size measurements available 

  • Wide dioptric measurement range from -20D to +20D

  • As measuring the curvature, it can measure by 2.0mm of least pupil radius

  • Both automatic measurement and manual measurement are available.

Focusing indicator
The focusing indicator appears on the screen when the eye is the optimal position.


Convenient one-touch lock
With the convenient one-touch lock, the main body can easily be fixed to the base.


Automatic power-off
The system automatically shuts off by itself to conserve energy  and prevent overheating.

High speed printer
The High speed printer print out the final measurement results in 3 seconds. The printing paper can be changed easily by adopting the one-touch paper holder.

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