Manufacturer: CRYSTALVUE
Product code: IMNFC-600

NFC-600 is a portable, fully automatic, all in one non-mydriatic retinal camera; providing high quality retinal images for remote screening areas and telehealth.

With automatic 3D tracking and focusing, retinal images can be captured with a single tap. The full-auto-shot function shortens examination times, which not only simplifies the examination process, but also reduces discomfort or strain for patients. The NFC-600 is an essential diagnostic instrument for practitioners to evaluate and record a patients retina.  

High quality retinal images


With high resolution of 12 million pixels, the NFC-600 captures and generates high quality retinal images. It provides retinal diagnostic staff and AI systems with more precise and helpful information, which increases diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. The image can be enlarged to see tiny details. Users can also change colors or apply photo effects to the image for different purposes.

Ten internal fixation targets are selectable. The disc, fovea, macular, or other peripheral retina areas can be captured by selecting the specified fixation.

nfc600 long.JPG

Enhanced portability


With its compact design, the NFC-600 can be easily moved around and set up for use in different locations. The simple USB interface offers flexible connectivity to operate the retinal camera.


The head and body of the device are designed to be detachable for better portability and an optional customised wheeled moving case is also available for the NFC-600, which increases mobility.

Enhanced connectivity

NFC-600 can be easily connected to any Windows-based PC or laptop with simple USB connection. It is also DICOM compliant, making it easy to integrate with PACS program.

User friendly interface

The instruction and icon are clear and straightforward. There are also more than 10 built-in languages for users to select.

Built-In Filters

NFC-600 provides red-free, negative film, RGB, grey scale filters for users to change or apply photo effects to the image for different purposes.


nfc600 3.JPG