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Manufacturer: CRYSTALVUE
Product code: IMNFC-700

NFC-700 is the fully automatic, all in one non-mydriatic retinal camera.

With fully automatic 3D tracking, focus and image capture, NFC-700 is an essential diagnostic instrument for practitioners to evaluate and record a patients retina.  

All in one fundus camera - no separate PC required

Small footprint

Automated focus and capture with manual override

Non-mydriatic function for maximised patient comfort 

Windows 10 based - easy to network

Mosaic comparison and filter functionality

High quality retinal imaging


With 12 million pixels, NFC-700 captures and generates high quality, high definition retinal images. It provides retinal diagnostic staff and AI systems with precise and relevant information, which increases diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.


Images can be enlarged to view in detail and users can change colors or apply photo effects to the image for different purposes.


Ten internal fixation targets  are available and the disc, fovea, macular and other peripheral retinal areas can be captured by selecting the specified fixation.