Manufacturer: CSO
Product code: KECT02

The Modì 02 Topographer is designed and developed using the latest technology for corneal topography and is suitable for:

  • Corneal topography

  • Pupillography

  • Contact lens autofit

Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, and its superior reliability and usability, the Modì 02 is a high end instrument for diagnostic and contact lens fitting.

The device is powered by a Firewire port and installation is easy and fast. With its compact design, the Modì 02 can be set to use also in very small spaces.

The software included is comprehensive and easy to use, allowing you to investigate all the morphological and refractive aspects of the cornea.

Phoenix for Modì LITE 
developed for who does not use advanced topography functions.


Phoenix for Modì FULL 
that adds to the LITE features all the advanced features for refractive and altimetric measurement of the cornea. With the FULL version it’s possible to add the pupillography module for the evaluation of the pupil diameter in controlled light conditions.


  • Best focus algorithm for the acquisition of the cor- rect distance keratoscopy

  • Sagittal, tangential and gaussian curvature maps

  • SimK, meridians, hemimeridians and peripheral degrees

  • HVID and pupil decentration

  • Keratoconus screening

  • Map comparison (up to four acquisitions)

  • Contact lenses autofit

  • Video keratoscopy for the break-up time


  • All features of LITE above plus

  • Elevation and refractive maps

  • Keratorefractive indices

  • Differential (up to 3 acquisitions)

  • Advanced altimetry

  • Zernike altimetry

  • Corneal aberration summary

  • Scotopic, Photopic and Dynamic Pupillography (OPTIONAL)

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