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Manufacturer: KEELER
Product code: OP1133P1157

The Keeler Specialist Ophthalmoscope has been the choice of the ophthalmic profession for decades. The Keeler Specialist has recently been redesigned making it without doubt the best engineered ophthalmoscope in the world.

The new design offers precision optics, versatile features and practical ergonomics making it the number one choice for ophthalmic practitioners.

  • Quick and easy dial up with unique Morton Lens Track

  • Slimmer design and comfortable fit

  • 50% lighter and 30% brighter than previous models

  • Widest lens range - +44D to -45D


30% more illumination

We recognise that illumination is of fundamental importance to good diagnosis. The re-engineered optics give 30% more Xenon illumination and because it is longer lasting, that means fewer bulb changes giving greater peace of mind.

Lightweight and well balanced

Almost 50% lighter, the Specialist combined with the slimline handle is perfectly balanced.

Expanded dioptre range

The most comprehensive lens range available in a direct ophthalmoscope, +44D to -45D lens range guarantees optimal diagnosis in any situation.

Slimmer optics

Slimmer and enclosed viewing optics enable you to get closer to the eye providing a wider field of view.

Premium handmade optics

The Morton Lens Track system, made up of individually ground glass lenses ensures an optimal view.

New Cobalt Blue filter

The new blue filter can be used in conjunction with fluorescein dye for the detection and examination of corneal scars and abrasions.

Pupillometer gauge

The pupillometer disc allows quick and easy estimation of pupil size.

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