AB MAX™ Starter Kit for Advanced Anterior Blepharitis Treatment

Advanced eyelid margin cleaning for anterior blepharitis. The AB Max™ patented pulse mode provides the most effective and efficient treatment on the market.


AB Max™ provides better patient outcomes at a more affordable price.

AB Max™ is an advanced 5 to 7 minute deep cleansing treatment to remove bacteria, crust and debris from the anterior eyelid margin and eyelashes. AB Max™ provides advanced functionality utilising two on-board computers and proprietary tips, specifically designed to treat Anterior Blepharitis.

The AB Max™ provides the same forward and reverse functionality as competitors devices, plus a patented PULSE mode, specifically engineered to remove even the most tenacious scurf and debris, while gently massaging the anterior eyelid margins for a more comfortable patient experience and better patient outcomes. 


The AB Max™ Starter Pack includes: 

  • AB Max™ handpiece and charging unit
  • Procedure Packs for 5 patients 
  • Anatomical eyelid model 
  • Demodex mite model 
  • Patient Information Leaflets 


The AB Max™ is to be used in conjunction with proprietary AB Max™ Procedure Packs

AB MAX™ Starter Kit for Advanced Anterior Blepharitis Treatment


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