I-DROP PUR Viscoadaptive Tears - for mid to moderate chronic Dry Eye

The only compact lens compatible, viscoadaptive, preservative-free artificial tear available
I-DROP® PUR are premium eye drops recommended for patients diagnosed with mild to moderate chronic dry eye syndrome looking for the ultimate relief and comfort for their dry eyes.


What are the benefits of using I-DROP® PUR?

  • Can be used for up to 12 months after the bottle has been opened
  • Preservative-free
  • Contains 0.18% Hyaluronic Acid with added glycerin for superior moisturising and lubrication
  • Immediate and longer-lasting relief
  • Superior comfort
  • Non-blurring upon application
  • Lower therapy costs due to the need for less applications
  • Contact Lens compatible
  • Sophisticated one-way valve dispenses 1 sterile dosed drop at a time (no wasted product) and eliminates any chance of the product re-entering the bottle
  • Anti-bacterial tip ensures safe, sterile delivery of each drop
  • Distinctive blue tip which facilitates “aiming” by the patient.
  • 10ml bottle


Why are Viscoadaptive eye drops better?

Viscoadaptive eye drops enhance the three natural layers of the tear film and are remarkably comfortable and long-lasting. It is also why I-DROP® products are highly effective at hydrating and lubricating the cornea while reducing tear film evaporation, which are generally recognised as being the principle factors required to improve the symptoms associated with dry eye disease.


How To Use I-DROP® PUR

  • Ensure hands are clean prior to use
  • Open safety seal
  • Turn bottle upside-down
  • Position central blue dot of bottle above desired application area
  • Carefully pull down lower eye lid
  • Gently squeeze bottle until a single drop forms and falls (this may take a few seconds)
  • Repeat on second eye
  • Flick off any residual liquid
  • Close cap tightly

Why does some liquid remain on the bottle tip?

After use, there may be a residual amount of liquid remaining on the tip of the bottle. This confirms that the bottle is working as it was designed, and not drawing this liquid back into the bottle.This step is critical in keeping the remaining solution sterile and safe. If any residual solution remains on the bottle after use, simply flick it off with a brisk motion and close the cap properly.

I-DROP PUR Viscoadaptive Tears - for mid to moderate chronic Dry Eye

  • Due to the nature of this product, this item is excluded from our returns policy. 

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