The PSL100 Handheld Slit Lamp is perfect for domiciliary use and ideal in particular for younger and older patients where a conventional Slit Lamp is impractical to use. Lightweight, portable & ergonomic, this device offers high definition optical performance and accurate diagnosis at an affordable price.


  • Increased slit angle - up to 60° +/-
  • One touch 10x/16 x zoom magnification
  • AA rechargeable & dry cell batteries supported
  • 4+ hours operating time when fully charged
  • Warm LED illumination with 250,000 lux
  • Diopter Compensation -7D +7D
  • Spot Size 1mm; 5mm; 12mm
  • Filter Red Free, Cobalt Blue, Heat Absorption
  • Slit Size 0.1mm*12mm; 0.2mm*8mm; 0.8mm*12mm

PSL100 Handheld Slit Lamp

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