Manufacturer: MEDIWORKS
Product code: SL390L






Simple design. Simple operation.

The design of the S390 was inspired by the shape of a firefly. The smart design saves space and the instrument comes pre-set with many setups so that the user does not need to set many parameters before using the device.

The user can operate the machine directly once the installation has been finished.

The S390 features the following automatic functions for photo shooting and processing when equipped with the MediView software:

  • Auto focus/ ISO

  • Auto exposure

  • Auto white balance

  • Right/ left eye indicator

  • Auto focusing calibration


Adjustable aperture

The aperture can be adjusted to 6 different levels to meet different view of depth and brightness demands.

HDMI output

The HDMI output can be used to connect the S390 slit lamp with a monitor, allowing you to share the live eye examination status simultaneously.

Easier installation

The compact control panel with built-in power supply makes it much easier to install the slit lamp especially when installing on an ophthalmic unit.

Quick capture button

There is a quick capture button on the control panel that enables users conveniently take photographs. Just press the capture button and the photo will be recorded.

Coaxial illuminator

The new LED illuminator is positioned coaxially to the microscope. It provides an adjustable circular beam of light to enhance the digital capturing effect.

Less cables and extra USB port

The new control panel means that there will be fewer cables exposed. An extra USB port is also provided to charge other medical devices.