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Mediworks S390L Image 4.JPG
Manufacturer: MEDOP
Product code: SL390L

Simple design + simple operation

The S390's smart design saves space and the instrument comes pre-set with many setups so that the user does not need to set many parameters before using the device.

The user can operate the machine directly once the installation has been finished. The S390 features the following automatic functions for photo shooting and processing when equipped with the software:

  • Wide dynamic range 

  • Meibomian gland examination

  • Auto exposure

  • Auto gain

  • Auto white balance

  • Auto OS/ OD indicator

Mediworks S390L Image 1.JPG

High sensitivity

Clear and sharp view, even under weak light

Wide dynamic range

The iris and sclera images are simultaneously presented with a more realistic and evenly distributed color

HD optical system

Up to 200 lp/mm(2700·N lp/mm), providing a more detailed pathology 

Built-in yellow filter

Along with the cobalt-blue filter this increases the contrast of sodium fluorescein staining images

Mediworks S390L Image 2.JPG

Convenient patient management

Clinicians can build, edit and easily search patient records, as well as record symptoms and manage data. The SL390 software supports DICOM which allows the images captured to be easily integrated into medical records systems.

Functional image analysis

Utilise powerful software tools, change the contrast and brightness of images and compare several images at one time to analyse patient symptoms and pathologies.

Orthokeratology lens fitting assistance

Capture and record high resolution fluorescein images of lens fitting and real-time videos without a recording time limit. Compare the different lens fitting effects to show and educate patients which lens is most suitable for them.


Customised auto exposure value settings 

Customise auto exposure values according to image demand and save templates for future capturing purposes. The printed report can be customised according to your needs. 

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