Manufacturer: GRAFTON
Product code: TCLCP-1000

Better detail for better quality 

The Grafton LCP-1000 LCD test chart features multiple extended functions. The 23” LED backlit screen displays various tests to meet the user’s diverse needs.

The quick test list can be used to select up to ten tests to establish your own tailored shortcut. The LCP-1000 can also be connected to a computer, DVD player or other multimedia devices through VGA/ AV/ YPBPR/ USB connections.


  • Multi-functional charts meet different testing requirements – e-charts, c-charts, letter charts, number charts, children’s charts, colour charts

  • Connect with the Grafton DVT-1000 Digital Phoropter to create a linked refraction system and control the LCD Test Chart via a panel on phoropter

  • Intelligent 3D polarisation vision chart which can also display other 3D polarising optic optotypes

  • Polarised charts for binocular test

  • 1-6 meter test distance is adjustable according to the users room space

  • External port provided for USB flash disk connection for updates, video playing, image browsing etc.

  • Wall and table bracket is provided according to users requirements