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Manufacturer: EASYOPTH
Product code: TO700107



Alternative ophthalmic diagnostic solution for topical use


EasyMark is a riboflavin-based eye staining solution which is CE certified for applied tonometry, contact lens evaluation and corneal analysis.


One box of EasyMark contains 10 x 0.5ml vials. 


Riboflavin has been found to have a better safety profile than fluorescein, especially in terms of potential adverse reactions and allergic responses.

Longer lasting

Riboflavin exhibits a prolonged presence on the ocular surface, lasting ten times longer. This enables a more thorough evaluation of tear film and the presence of the black line.

Complete analysis

Unlike fluorescein, riboflavin permeates the entire tear composition, yielding dependable qualitative insights through Break-Up Time (BUT) analysis.

Ready to use

Riboflavin pinpoints stressed epithelial areas on both the cornea and conjunctiva, eliminating the necessity for dual application of fluorescein and lissamine green.

Compatible with contact lenses

Can be used with rigid and scleral contact lenses

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