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Manufacturer: REICHERT 
Product code: TOVERA 



with Reichert® Tono-Vera® Tonometer

The all-new Reichert® Tono-Vera® Tonometer featuring the advanced, patent-pending ActiView™ Positioning System, quickly guides you to the apex of the cornea, giving you confidence in your IOP readings.


Tono-Vera® automatically measures when aligned, providing more objective and repeatable results.


For over 150 years, Reichert continues to advance tonometry and refraction diagnostics through American innovation.

A more objective measurement with ActiView™ Positioning System.

The Tono-Vera® ActiView™ Positioning System features a full color view of the eye combined with intuitive, interactive alignment prompts to guide the user precisely to the apex of the cornea. When proper alignment is achieved Tono-Vera® automatically measures, providing a result in as few as three measurements. Intuitive color-coded rings indicate the reliability of the reading.

All the important information, always on display.

Tono-Vera® has a comprehensive yet simple user interface.


Lightweight, ergonomic and calibration-free

The perfectly placed operator-facing display and lightweight, symmetrical design allow for comfortable left or right-handed operation. Intuitive button placement provides easy access to all settings and measurement functions. Always ready to measure with no routine calibration required.

Rechargeable, AA or both

Choosing Tono-Vera® Rechargeable Model means less batteries in landfills and a device that is always ready to use. Tono-Vera® AA Model goes anywhere and allows for a quick and easy battery change with no tools required. Rechargeable and AA battery packs are interchangeabl­e, providing ultimate flexibility.

A base for everything and 

everything in its place

The included multi-purpose Tono-Vera® Base is the perfect solution for docking and charging* your device while also conveniently storing and dispensing Ocu-Dot® Tonometer Probes.


*Rechargeable model only.

Ready for the road

When your patients can’t come to you, bring Tono-Vera® to them in the durable, lightweight, and protective carry case.

Electronic health record ready

Tono-Vera’s unique Bluetooth® capability allows for software updates and seamlessly exports final IOP results to a computer.

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