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Manufacturer: GRAFTON
Product code: ACEY100

The NV-100 near vision tester enables a complete refractive and binocular vision investigation to be carried out with the head and eyes in their normal posture at any working distance.

The refractive test includes:

  • Measurement of visual acuity using Snallen letter and illiterate E-chart, and Times Roman reading types

  • Accurate determination of presbyopic additions and other near corrections

  • Near vision astigmatism tests

  • Amplitude of accommodation including monocular measurements under binocular conditions


The binocular balance tests includes: 

  • Fixation disparity test for uncompensated heterophoria motor eye dominance

  • Quantitative evaluation of foveal suppression in heterophoria patients

  • Near point of convergence

  • Targets for subjective cover tests for heterophoria and harmonious ARC


Slight colour variations of the unit surround are possible.    

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