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Manufacturer: REXXAM
Product code: AUDR900


Subjective refraction with the DR-900


Help to maintain appropriate distancing when performing refraction procedures with the DR-900 Digital Refractor from Rexxam. The DR-900 offers high quality and ultra reliable digital refraction with a fast, smooth and quiet measurement.


The DR-900 features a compact refractor head, 10.4 inch full colour touch screen controller and adjustable LED illumination for the most accurate testing experience, in various light conditions. 


High speed silent head with wide field of view
Built-in IR connection to chart screen
Detachable face panel for easy and thorough cleaning
Dimmable near vision LED illumination
10.4 inch full colour touch screen controller
21-step subjective examination routine
Auto-cross cylinder
Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity test
Linear and circular polarisation auxiliary lenses

Speedy, quiet and comfortable refraction

The compact DR-900 has a 40° field of view coverage and a minimum spherical step-size of 0.12 dioptre.  The built-in IR enables communication with a digital test chart or projector.

The head rest and face shields are constructed using soft and light materials which are easily detachable to disinfect or clean. A breath shield is available as an optional extra to enhance safe distancing measures when manually adjusting the refractor head. The five meter cables allow for increased distancing between the operator and the patient.

The incorporated double LED illumination is dimmable from 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% to suit various refraction room light conditions. 

The DR-900 refractor head will automatically converge to the appropriate near PD angle when the desired reading distance (30, 40, 50, 60 & 70 cm) is selected. 


Simple and easy operation

The multi display interface design clearly divides the chart information, measurement information and import/ memory areas, making using the DR-900 intuitive and improving workflow and examination time. 

The DR-900 has Jackson Cross Cylinder power of (±0.25D) & (±0.50D) as well as Auto-Cross Cylinder (±0.25D). 

The jog dial has a 2-in-1 function that enables the practitioner to toggle the X-CYL function (XC1 or XC2) whilst the enter key allows the practitioner the choice to [Select], [Adjust] or [Enter] function. Cylinder/Axis is automatically changed according to patient's visual preference. Spherical equivalent is automatically compensated whenever 0.50D cylinder is changed during the JCC test. 

The built-in thermal printer is conveniently located behind the controller, with auto-cut function. 

The touchscreen flexible tilt display (20° - 80°) enables the user to operate in either sitting or standing positions. 

Intuitive user interface

The DR-900 offers the Spatial Frequency Contrast sensitivity test, which can be binocularly and monocularly examined. Ten contrast levels are available at 5 levels of cycles per degree. The test results are shown in a graph and can be exported and printed. *only available in combination with Rexxam LCD-1000/1 000P.

A full set of pre-defined tests are available to perform any kind of binocular examinations, such as phoria, convergence, accommodation, etc. 

The user can mask all available optotype charts (horizontal, vertical & single letter). The mask will stay even when the user is scrolling through different visual acuity charts. The optotype chart can be randomly changed with a simple push of the touch screen. *only available in combination with Rexxam LCD-1000/1 000P

The DR-900 includes an auxiliary set of supplementary accessories including linear or circular polarisation filters, red or green filters, Maddox_H and Maddox_V filters.

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Compatibility and connectivity

The DR-900 can communicate with various other Rexxam products including Auto-Re­fractors, Digital Lensmeters and Auto Ref-Topographer, where data can be exported to the DR-900 automatically or manually. With one touch of the DR-900 touch screen panel, data is instantly sent to the refractor head. The save function enables the user to test or show the patient's current or new prescription for confirmation. The DR-900 can also communicate with the Rexxam LCD Chart or Chart Projector via the LCD touchscreen control function. 

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