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Manufacturer: REXXAM
Product code: AUR800

Introducing Rexxam's newest auto refractometer, the ACUREF R-800. With its flat screen monitor, beautiful graphic display and excellent visibility, the R-800 is a solidly reliable device with a simple and compact design.

Newly designed optical unit with improved accuracy

The newly designed optical unit allows measurement of a minimum pupil diameter up to 2.0 mm with high-accuracy of measurement.

Feather-touch sensor button

The feather touch sensor button used to interface with the screen enables sensitive and accurate operation


Improved side flaps, head rest and chin rest

Side flaps are mounted to each side of the measurement window enabling the user to block out the light. The modified shape of the forehead rest and the chin rest help to maximise comfort for the patient.


New joystick

The completely redesigned joystick with the new ergonomic shape and top button allows the operator to control the unit with more precise and instinctive movements.


Newly designed IOL mode (colour focus indicator)

A subject with IOL was conventionally difficult to measure but this newly designed IOL mode has made it much easier.


Unique LCD monitor

A swivel function to the left (30°) and a vertical tilt function (40°) have been added to the monitor unit. This swivel function allows measurement while supporting the patient.

Expanded vertical tilt range 

The adjustment range of the vertical tilt  angle has been expanded to 40°, meaning that the unit can be operated from both seated and standing positions.

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