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Manufacturer: REXXAM
Product code: AURET-700

RET-700 combines all the necessary features for a full anterior eye analysis in just one device.


RET-700 is not only a topographer but a full auto refractor-keratometer with anterior aberrometry, plus dry eye and meibomian gland analysis.


With 19 Placido rings and a corneal coverage of Ø10.4mm, the RET-700 calculates a variety of corneal maps using 6,400 measurement points in optimum quality and accuracy. 


Auto ref, keratometer and topography measurements taken simultaneously 

Wide topography measurement range from 0.4mm to 10.7mm 

Peripheral cornea measurable to approximately 16mm 

Multiple difference and comparison maps

Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland analysis


Anterior aberration analysis including Fourier and Zernike

Contact lens fitting simulation


Measurement data can be stored and accessed at any time

Various analysis functions including ring edit capability

Rotatable 10.4” touch panel monitor can turn 45° and tilt 40° upwards

Scotopic and photopic pupil diameter measurement 

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