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Manufacturer: REXXAM
Product code: AUSRKW5001

The N-Vision K5001's wide view window allows the patient to relax during measurement, as looking into the window naturally with both eyes can minimise instrument myopia.

  • Measurement principle without auto-fogging function prevents subjects e.g. children from using accommodating

  • Near-reading tests can be performed with the attached  card 

  • Integrated 5.6" colour monitor produces clear display for ease of use

  • Measured data can be seen on the monitor without printing out

  • Check accommodation of the measured eye with SE values

  • Printing paper is automatically cut when released

  • Starts measuring automatically when alignment meets measurement requirements

  • Measure the IOL (Intraocular lens) implanted eye

  • Allows you to measure much smaller pupils (2.3 mm) than conventional units

  • RS232C Setting allows the user to send measurement data to an external computer

  • NTSC video output for viewing images on an external monitor​

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