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Manufacturer: MEDINSTRUS
Product code: COD4

  • Motorised rotating and sliding table top for four instruments

  • Electro-mechanical table locking mechanism

  • The vertical movement of the chair is adjustable from the integrated touch panel on the table top and/ or from the foot switch [optional)

  • Column with overhead LED lamp with adjustable illumination

  • Column with support for chart projector

  • Integrated adjustable power transformers for slit lamp / ophthalmometer

  • Chin rest support plate

  • Chair rotation

  • 11 D/230V socket for additional instruments e.g. auto-lensmeter, auto-phoropter, etc

  • Drawer for trial lenses set

  • Shelf for handheld instruments

Optional extras:

  • Motorised phoropter arm

  • Footrest (either fixed or tip-up)

  • Tip-up arm rests

  • Automatic keeping of same eye level for different instruments

  • Chair with reclining back

  • Head rest for the chair

  • Chair sliding [13cm] forward - backwards assembly

  • Motorised chair sliding assembly [14cm]

  • Foot switch control for up/down movement of the chair/table

  • Installed data cables (fire wire, USB, RS232, etc.)

  • Empty trial lenses set

  • Stand for operational panel of digital phoropter