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Manufacturer: I-MED PHARMA
Product code: DEIMEDMGD

Enhanced relief for chronic evaporative Dry Eye

I-DROP® MGD is a premium, preservative-free, artificial tear that helps relieve symptoms associated with evaporative dry eye for patients suffering from MGD. It is the most advanced eye drop for hydrating and lubricating the cornea.


The formulation contains 0.20% viscoadaptive hyaluronan, as well as superior osmoprotectants and bioprotectants that stabilize and enhance the lipid layer, while reducing evaporation of the tear film.


This unique formulation offers the patient unparalleled ocular hydration and comfort. It is a long-lasting artificial tear that re-coats the surface of the eye with every blink, resulting in a lower therapy cost to the patient with fewer daily applications.

I-DROP® MGD is available in a 10ml multi-dose bottle with a sophisticated one-way valve and air-return system that delivers one sterile-dosed drop at a time.

I-DROP® MGD - contains 0.20% HA with added lipid layer enhancer

I-DROP® PUR is recommended for patients diagnosed with severe evaporative dry eye looking for the ultimate relief and comfort. 

  • Preservative-free

  • Contains superior osmoprotectants and bioprotectants

  • Contains 0.20% viscoadaptive hyaluronan

  • Stabilises and enhances the lipid layer

  • Offers unparalleled hydration and comfort

  • Reduces tear film evaporation

  • Blink-activated re-coating

  • Lower therapy costs due to the need for fewer applications

How to use I-DROP® MGD


1     Ensure hands are clean prior to use

2     Open safety seal

3     Turn bottle upside-down

4     Position blue dot above desired application area

5     Carefully pull-down lower eye lid

6     Gently squeeze bottle until a single drop forms

            and falls (this may take a few seconds)

7     Repeat on second eye

8     Flick off any residual liquid

9     Close cap tightly

Why does some liquid remain on the bottle tip?

After use, there may be a residual amount of liquid remaining on the tip of the bottle. This confirms that the bottle is working as it was designed, and not drawing this liquid back into the bottle.

This step is critical in keeping the remaining solution sterile and safe. Even a minuscule amount of fluid, exposed to a non-sterile external environment, may become contaminated. If any residual solution remains on the bottle after use, simply flick it off with a brisk motion and close the cap properly.

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