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Manufacturer: FAIRBANKS
Product code: DI05



Designed by Paul Fairbanks FSMC, The Fairbanks Facial Gauge has been designed to facilitate the selection, specification and final fitting of spectacle frames and mountings.


It was originally developed at City University with the teaching of ophthalmic dispensing in mind. Scales have been graduated in units that correspond with the accuracy required or attainable. The minimum graduation is in 2mm separations and the maximum is 5mm, this being sufficiently accurate for assessment of the head width.


With this gauge you will be able to accurately measure the following:

  • Interpupillary distance

  • Distance between rims

  • Frontal angle

  • Head width

  • Temple width

  • Crest height

  • Apical radius

  • Distance between rims (DBR) at 10 or 15mm below crest

  • Front to bend

  • Angle of side

  • Downward angle of drop

  • Splay angle

  • Segment height

  • Segment top position


Supplied with a colour instruction booklet, also available to purchase separately.


Recommended for the following ABDO College course:

  • Foundation Degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing

  • Fellowship Dispensing Diploma

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