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Manufacturer: ACCUTOME
Product code: DSACCP




The Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect® is designed to meet the demands of today’s refractive cataract surgery. It is the single most effective solution for measuring and calculating all of your patients and refining your surgical outcomes.  It has the ability to measure 100% of patients and works effectively with dense cataracts or patients with fixation difficulties. 

The Connect links directly to a PC, laptop or tablet device making it the ultimate portable solution.  Information can easily be uploaded to electronic medical record (EMR) systems. The improved user interface makes entering patient data, capturing the scan and calculating the measurement much faster, compared to the original A-Scan Plus.


  • Immersion and Contact Modes

  • Industry Leading Resolution

  • User-friendly interface

  • Less Patient Chair Time – Faster measurement capture

  • Automatic Alignment Detection and Sclera Recognition eliminate marginally aligned scans

  • Portable, Lightweight Design – Plug into any PC, laptop or tablet device

  • Share information easily – adaptable document transfer via EMR, email or printer

  • Modern Third and Fourth Generation Formulas including the Hoffer®Q, SRK/T, Holladay, Haigis as well as new post refractive formulas

  • Optimized Lens Constants for superior surgical outcomes

  • Unlimited Software Licenses

  • Streamline your patient data - shares information with B-Scan Plus and UBM Plus



  • Capture Modes: Automatic or Manual

  • Clinical Accuracy: 0.1mm

  • Custom Eye Type Settings: Unlimited with independent ACD, Lens, VCD velocities.

  • Data Export: EMR/EHR compatible, Network ready

  • Default Eye Type Settings: Phakic, Dense Cataract, Silicone Filled, Pseudo PMMA, Pseudo Silicone, Pseudo Acrylic, Aphakic

  • Dimensions: 5.4"W x 3.7"L x 2.5"H

  • Electronic Resolution: 0.016mm

  • Frequency: 10MHz

  • Gain: 30-100dB

  • IOL Data Storage: Unlimited

  • IOL Formulas: Hoffer Q, Holladay I, SRK/T, Haigis

  • Measurement Range: 0.01-63.6mm

  • Measurements: ACD, Lens thickness, VCD, Axial Length

  • Methods: Immersion or contact

  • Patient Data Storage: Unlimited

  • Post Refractive Formula Methods: Clinical History, Contact Lens, Shammas Clinical

  • Printer: Any supported by PC

  • Weight: 15.1 oz.

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