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Manufacturer: ACCUTOME
Product code: DSACCUBM



Accutome's UBM Plus line consists of a guarded and unguarded option as well a vet option. The UBM Plus is used for anterior segment imaging.


The UBM Plus is an incredibly portable device because the 48 MHz probe plugs directly into a laptop or desktop computer. This unit features an all-in-one probe design to eliminate signal loss and provide sharpest images possible.

  • High definition imaging showing detailed structure definition of the anterior segment of the eye

  • State-of-the-art probe design plugs directly to laptop or PC to create a portable system

  • Contains measuring tools along with corresponding A-Vector

  • Useful for measuring sulcus-to-sulcus, anterior chamber depth, positioning of intraocular lenses and filtration angle of the eye

  • Unlimited 34 second film loops

  • Share information easily with adaptable document transfer via EMR, email or printer

  • Protect your investment with easily upgradeable software

  • The UBM Plus software is now DICOM compatible


  • Adjustable gamma: linear, s-curve, log, colour

  • Axial resolution: 0.015mm electronic

  • Data archive/ export capability: Yes

  • Dimensions: 7"L x 1.25" diameter

  • Field of view: 32mm

  • Focal point: 13mm

  • Focal zone: 4mm

  • Frequency: 48 MHz

  • Frozen image gain adjustment: Yes

  • Gain: 0-112dB

  • Lateral resolution: 0.05mm electronic

  • Measurement calipers with velocity adjustment: 4 line, 2 area, 2 angle

  • Reports: integrated Microsoft Word

  • Scanning angle: 30 degrees

  • Size of cine loop: 16-128 MB

  • Snapshot format: jpeg, png, tiff, gif

  • TGC: Yes

  • Weight: 6 oz.

  • Zoom: 8x maximum

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