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Manufacturer: INAMI
Product code: L2510HB

L-2510HB Synoptiscope with Haidinger brush device

The Inami Synoptiscope is designed for the diagnosis and treatment of binocular vision (strabismus and amblyopia). It is used for three types of examination:

  • Simultaneous perception

  • Fusion

  • Stereoscopic vision

Precise engineering and durability assure the long-lasting accuracy of examination.

The Haidinger brush device is detachable and has a rotation speed of 50 to 100rpm with a noise reduction motor.

The automatic flashing device allows adjustment of the flashing rate over a range of 30 to 150 times per minute. A manual flash can be operated by push buttons on the control panel.

The wide range of standard slides are designed in collaboration with a specialist of children’s illustrator with designs and colours that have thoughtfully been chosen to draw children's attention,

and help them to concentrate for longer.

The L-2510HB comes with 54 slides as standard (27 pairs) which can be neatly and securely stored in the album.

For easier observation of corneal reflection, eyepieces con be changed to half mirror type via the flip-open cover. This function is also useful for far point fixation of the patient’s eye.

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