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Manufacturer: KEELER
Product code: OP1204P3043

Light, bright and easy to use


The Keeler All Pupil II is based on the design of the number one selling All Pupil indirect. Look out for the new features designed to make your examinations easier and more comfortable.


Go Wireless patented technology
Leaves you free to move around without any wire or cord constraints


Outstanding brightness for difficult examinations
With 2000 lux of light, which can be turned down to 2% of total illumination when necessary, the All Pupil II offers maximum illumination with total control


Lightweight and comfortable
Weighing just 520 grams with extra padded materials


Simple controls
The All Pupil II has a unique single control to change aperture size and position in one movement to view through all pupil sizes


IR and UV barrier
There is a built in full time IR and UV barrier which guarantees improved patient protection and safety


New All Pupil II LED light source
Plugs simply into the back of the All Pupil II for brighter, whiter illumination and freedom from purchasing bulbs. The LED life expectancy is up to 10,000 hours and it has a 5 year warranty.

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