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Grafton Optical is pleased to announce the launch of the Nexy Retinal Imaging System at 100% Optical

Looking ahead is important. Being ahead is essential…

Exclusively available in the UK through Grafton Optical, Nexy is an automated non-mydriatic retinal camera, capable of delivering high definition colour images of the ocular fundus with a 45° angle of view.

To book an appointment at 100% Optical to demo the Nexy or discuss with a member of the Grafton Optical team, please click here.

High quality images

The images taken by Nexy are extremely clear and detailed thanks to the optical filters in the device. Nexy's new technology allows you to obtain high-quality images even on patients with opacities or small pupils. The user can then make a detailed analysis of the presence of possible pathologies.

Beyond human speed

Nexy can capture images of the fundus oculi with a 45° field-of-view angle, automatically and in less than 15 seconds, requiring no human intervention. This reduces the time and energy of technical staff and allows Nexy to be operated by anyone

For a quotation or to arrange a demonstration of the Nexy or any of our other products, please contact or call us on +44 (0)1923 233980.

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