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Your patients deserve the gold standard in tonometry care – book to find out more about the Reichert

We are inviting attendees at 100% Optical 2020 to visit us on Stand M16 to experience the gold standard in tonometry care with the Reichert devices; Ocular Response Analyser (ORA) G3 with Corneal Hysteresis and IOPcc and the 7CR Auto Tonometer with Ocular Response Technology and IOPcc.

The ORA® G3 is the only non-contact tonometer to measure Corneal Hysteresis, a superior predictor of glaucoma progression. Corneal Hysteresis is an indication of the biomechanical properties of the cornea differing from thickness or topography, which are geometrical attributes. An increasing number of hospitals are now using the Corneal Hysteresis metric as a more reliable and objective predictor of glaucoma progression. The 7CR device incorporates the Corneal Hysteresis metric to give a more accurate IOP reading, known as IOPcc (Corneal Compensated IOP). IOPcc is minimally affected by corneal visco-elastic properties, thickness, or surgical procedures such as LASIK or PRK. As such it is a better indicator of glaucoma risk than other methods of tonometry, including Goldmann Applanation.

  • Not just another non-contact tonometer; make a more confident glaucoma risk assessment with Corneal Hysteresis

  • Synergise diagnostics in line with your local NHS Hospital Trust

  • No more false referrals

  • Minimal training required – no need for a specialist operator

Grafton Optical CEO David Thickens commented “ORA® G3 is being adopted by hospitals across the country wishing to modernise their systems and processes to tackle on going capacity challenges for many ophthalmology department outpatient services. There is much emerging evidence that virtual clinics offer a logical solution to overcome the burden of these increasing referrals. The ORA® G3 and 7CR devices offer the perfect time and money saving solution to both hospitals and optometry practices, and also provide patients with the absolute gold standard in tonometry care. Optometry practices investing in either of these devices are able to synergise care with their local Hospital Trust, refining patient care and eliminating false referrals. The time to make the change is now.”

We are offering a £500 trade in on any out-dated tonometer when you buy the ORA G3 or 7CR.

To book an appointment on Grafton Optical stand M16 at 100% Optical 2020 to demo the ORA® G3 or 7CR, please click here.

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