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Corneal Hysteresis, IOP & Glaucoma progression; time for a “hyst-oric” change in clinical practice?

Read the review by Patrick Murtagh and Colm O’Brien, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Time for a hyst-oric change
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The review summarises the current evidence that Corneal Hysteresis (CH) values are a risk factor for the development of glaucoma and are a marker for its progression. The authors explain precisely what CH is, how it can be measured and the influence that medication and surgery can have on its value.

CH is likely to play an integral role in glaucoma care and could potentially be incorporated synergistically with IOP, CCT, and visual field testing to establish risk stratification modelling and progression algorithms in glaucoma management in the future.

The contribution that CH will eventually have to glaucoma care has yet to be fully

appreciated. It has become apparent that corneal behaviour is a more important

parameter than its thickness, but the authors believe that a combination of IOP, CCT, and CH can be utilised to create a risk stratification model for glaucoma.

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