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FundusVue provides vivid color, high definition retinal images

FundusVue from CrystalVue represents the latest generation of non-mydriatic fundus camera. The device is designed to capture and provide images of the eye as an aid to clinicians in the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy*, AMD, glaucoma and other retinal diseases.

This modern ophthalmic instrument combines a simple method of image capture with superior image quality in a fast and efficient manner. It is easy to operate, and is ultra compact and portable in terms of design.

Fast image capture The dedicated FundusVue software speeds up image capture with live preview imaging. The entire process, from welcoming the patient to delivering high quality images, takes only a few minutes. Easy to use Multiple controls and settings are not necessary with the FundusVue. Internal fixation lights and self-guiding software assist the user in capturing high quality images. Simply align the pupil, optimise the focus in the live on screen preview and capture the image. Exposure and LED flash are automatically controlled for most patients.

Portable Weighing only 2Kg, FundusVue's compact design saves on setup space and can be easily transported wherever needed. The simple USB connection allows flexibility as to where examinations take place. It also makes it easy for the user to review the images with their patient. Retinal imaging software The bundled software allows users to store, retrieve, archive, process and share the digital images instantly, with just a mouse click. Images can also be exported to the storage server and output to a printer. Features include: color, digital red-free, RGB and cup-to-disc. * FundusVue is not currently on the list of approved devices for the NHS National Diabetic Eye Screening Program. ** PC not included as standard


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