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NEW: SiVIEW - the ultra-intuitive software solution set to revolutionise refraction

SiVIEW is the ultra-intuitive, unique software solution that connects your existing refraction equipment, enabling reliable and reproducible eye examinations easily, quickly and with minimal training. SiVIEW’s powerful AI enables any user to carry out accurate, guided subjective refraction examinations; enabling the refraction process to be brought out of the consulting room and into the pre-screen workflow.

With SiVIEW, optometrists are able to delegate refractions for the majority of cases, freeing up valuable time in the consulting room chair. The SiVIEW intelligent software produces a detailed refraction report for analysis by the optometrist in the consulting room.

This versatile device is manufacturer agnostic, meaning that it can tie together refraction equipment from multiple manufacturers into one seamless refraction system.

  • Move refraction out of the consulting room and into the pre-screen workflow

  • Free up valuable consultation time, making your business more efficient and more profitable

  • Optimise patient-optometrist time by dedicating more of the appointment to in-depth examination

  • Decrease patient contact by carrying out refractions remotely

  • Optional telemedicine capability; real-time expert review and interpretation of results

  • Empowers your existing refraction equipment - meaning no outlay on expensive hardware

For more information on the SiVIEW Refraction Software System, please contact or call us on 01923 233980.


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