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Time to move on from Goldmann tonometry

The article, ‘When gold standards change: time to move on from Goldmann tonometry?’ published in the September edition of the British Journal of Ophthalmology represents an important landmark for the Reichert ORA® G3; demonstrating its widely held acceptance among key opinion leaders as the preferred method for measuring IOP.

The article discusses the clear benefits of using the Reichert Ocular Response Analyser (ORA®) G3 over Goldmann Applanation Tonometry, and suggests that now is the time for a shift in the clinically accepted ‘gold standard’.

It notes that GAT ‘makes important assumptions about corneal thickness and behaviour that are not met in a significant proportion of patients’.¹ In fact, GAT has ‘significant limitations that make it suboptimal and far from the ideal reference standard’.²

‘While many tonometers can reproducibly measure IOP, evidence is fast accumulating that cornea corrected IOP (IOPcc) as measured with the ORA G3, is a better measure of IOP than GAT and should be used more widely.’³ The article goes on to say ‘Studies have shown that ORA-derived IOPcc measurements are superior to GAT in predicting rates of glaucoma progression’.⁴

The article concludes ‘there is a myriad of reasons to abandon GAT and shift to ORA, but most importantly we rely on IOP as a guide to caring for patients. Ultimately the measure of IOP that best predicts who will get worse is the device most able to help us make the right decisions’.⁵

ORA G3 also offers substantial cost savings versus all other methods of tonometry. We have published an online business case calculator which demonstrates how much money can be saved by hospitals and practices who chose to make the switch.

This is a very exciting time for the ORA G3, as recognition for the device gathers pace amongst some of the UK’s most respected institutions. As the BMJ article succinctly puts it, ‘ORA is clearly a better alternative’ and now is the time for change.

Reichert Technologies are also hosting a webinar as part of their remote learning series titled ‘Safe and superior glaucoma technology with Corneal Hysteresis’. The webinar takes place on Thursday 22 October and further details and registration can be found here.

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Citation 1;2;3;4;5: When gold standards change: time to move on from Goldmann tonometry? Gazzard G, Jayaram H, Roldan AM, et al. British Journal of Ophthalmology. September 2020


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