Amsler Test

The Amsler Test is a simple screening tool is used for monitoring for early signs of wet AMD.


The Amsler test consists of a grid of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines. A small dot is located in the centre of the grid for the person taking the test to focus on. While staring at the dot, the person will look for wavy lines and missing areas of the grid. This test is especially helpful for monitoring vision at home.

The charts include: 

Chart No. 1 - Standard chart 

Chart No. 2 - For use in cases where the central point is not seen. The diagonal lines help to fix the centre of the square in spite of a central scotoma

Chart No. 3 - Standard chart but red on black, to be used in cases of colour-scotoma

Chart No. 4 - Chart without lines reveals only the scotoma - there is no form to be distorted

Chart No. 5 - chart with paralell lines must be looked at horizontally and vertically to show up metamorphopsia

Chart No. 6 - chart for metamorphopsia which allows a more minute examination of distortion along the reading lines 

Chart No. 7 - this chart allows a more minute examination of the juxta-central area, where the rectangle with subdivided squares indicates the limits of the fovea

Amsler Test

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