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EasyTon Disposable Tonometer Prisms

EasyTon Disposable Prisms for all Goldmann style applanation tonometers

PRACTICAL - All you need to evaluate ocular tone

DISPOSABLE - Single use to ensure maximum safety for the patient

SAFE - Ethilene Oxide sterilisation to avoid allergic reactions and infections

EASY TO USE - Useable on all Goldmann tonometers on the market

STERILE - No infection risk

Each individual Easyton package contains a sterile tonometer prism tip and is all you need to complete an accurate and sterile tonometry procedure in four easy steps: 

  • Remove the tonometer prism from the sterile packaging being careful not to contaminate the tip

  • Insert the tip onto the tonometer with the line aligned to the zero position

  • Perform the intraocular pressure measurement

  • Dispose of the used tonometer prism


Supplied in boxes of 100. Quantity discounts available on inquiry. 

EasyTon Disposable Tonometer Prisms

SKU: TO100401
  • TO100401

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