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Frisby Stereo Test - 3 plates

The Frisby Near Stereo Test has 3 plates of different thicknesses, providing stereo acuity measurements in the range 600-5 sec arc. They are stored in a box with a fold-down flap that provides a clear background. A tape measure is provided for controlling eye-to-plate distance.

  • First launched in 1983, it is used in orthoptic and ophthalmic clinics and by optometrists world-wide.

  • Tests for stereopsis using natural vision, with no special glasses. It has three transparent plates, which are presented to the patient one at a time against the clear background provided by the fold-down flap of the storage box.

  • Tests for stereopsis, even if reduced vision or amblyopia is present because of the coarse texture elements included in the pattern.


The plate is shown a few cm or inches above a clear background, such as the fold-down flap on the box as shown here. Note the tape is fixed to the flap for measuring and controlling eye-to-plate distance.​

Frisby Stereo Test - 3 plates

  • ACEY026F

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