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Keeler Professional Streak Retinoscope 2.8v Standard Bulb

The Keeler Professional Retinoscope is optimised for outstanding performance, with either a streak or spot beam with a simple bulb change.


600 lux of brilliant halogen illumination

The Professional Combi Retinoscope guarantees you enough light to refract even the most difficult eyes.

Neutralisation check (Patented)

The only Retinoscope allowing rapid confirmation of neutralisation. In both Streak and Spot modes you can change the beam from divergent to convergent enabling you to cross check the accuracy of the neutral point. The ability to double check neutralisation in the upper position guarantees the assessment is correct every time.

Precision magnetic control (Patented)

Improved 360º access to a single control for both rotation and convergence adjustments. The precision movements are achieved by use of rare earth magnet technology.

Two position aperture

A simple finger movement allows a choice of 4mm or 1.7mm aperture to optimise brightness or resolution of the retinal reflex.

Unique spectacle bar

An interchangeable soft pad is available for spectacle wearers.

Keeler Professional Streak Retinoscope 2.8v Standard Bulb

SKU: RE1302P1010
  • RE1302P1010

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